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  • April 23 - April 26, 2017

    Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel

    AOHC 2017

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  • AOHC 2017 - April 23-26  
  • American Occupational Health Conference



    The American Occupational Health Conference (AOHC) serves two fundamental purposes:

    • It is the premier professional meeting for physicians and other health professionals who have an interest in the fields of occupational and environmental medicine (OEM);
    • It is the annual membership meeting for ACOEM’s members.

    Accordingly, AOHC provides an attractive balance of educational programming covering the full range of interests from basic to advanced topics in OEM; networking activities that provide an opportunity for face-to-face interaction among like-minded professionals; and mentoring of those new to the field by those with experience and expertise. AOHC also manifests the value and importance of membership in ACOEM through, for example, the annual membership business meeting, installation of officers, and recognitions of special achievement to the College and the profession. 

    Educational Programming
    Conferences will be organized to appeal to anyone interested in OEM. This will be accomplished through offerings that cover the full range of topics embodied in the ACOEM OEM Competencies ranging from basic to advanced including research topics in OEM. For each topic, presentations will offer critically appraised information that is based on scientific literature and recognized best practices and will be identified as to whether the information provided is based on evidence, consensus, or new research. 

    AOHC will emphasize the value of membership in ACOEM. It is the one meeting per year that all ACOEM members, regardless of professional focus or employment interest, should be compelled to attend. All entities within the ACOEM structure (i.e., Board of Directors, House of Delegates, Components, Sections) should play an important role in helping to build the image of the AOHC and in promoting its value to their respective members.

    AOHC will be structured so as to specifically facilitate networking activities thereby creating a clear advantage to attending the AOHC in person. This will be achieved through formal and informal events such as breaks, luncheons, receptions and social events.

    AOHC will provide structured activities to enable and facilitate mentoring between experienced ACOEM members and leadership, and those who are either new members or new to the field of OEM, and who want to avail themselves of the expertise of more senior ACOEM members and/or enable pathways to leadership within the College.

    As approved by ACOEM Board of Directors November 8, 2008.